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Which Leadership Attributes Make the Biggest Difference?

This is a recurring and popular question: What are the leadership attributes that contribute most to effectiveness and success? We believe we have the honest answer: There is not a definitive a list of common leadership attributes that always make a difference. Further, the use of the word “attributes” is problematic because it becomes a catch-all for too broad a range of topics, issues, behaviors and actions.

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Equal Opportunity, High Potential Employees and Golf

Equal Opportunity. Everybody endorses it by now. Certainly, most managers, leaders and executives of sizable enterprises endorse it. We are all striving toward Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I). It’s a winning strategy. It benefits everyone. Here is one disruptive twist in the DE&I conversation:  If you believe in Equal Opportunity, you have to apply differential treatment! That’s right, you HAVE TO treat people differently.