Talent Tools For Individual Contributors

Everyone has been an Individual Contributor in their career. Individual Contributors are critical to delivering your services and products and driving organizational success. They are depended upon to apply their Knowledge, Skills and Attributes (KSAs) in effective and efficient ways, to drive outcomes, while also facing unique challenges. What does it take to be effective as an Individual Contributor? What behaviors are most important to sustain success and to move up the ladder to Manager and eventually to Leader? What development is needed to succeed? Answering these questions can at times feel like a professional guessing game. Rest easy, our talent tools for Individual Contributors answer all of these questions and more.

KSAI (Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes for Individual Contributors) provides Individual Contributors with practical and line friendly access to the essential Roles and Practices that must be demonstrated to thrive. This up to date framework is evidenced based, and experience tested so you can have confidence in your use.  

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Individual Contributor Development Guides

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes of Individual Contributors Sorting Cards
Manager DIY Development Guide: Develop It Yourself

DDIY is available as a printed guide, or as a digital experience via DIY Digital, designed specifically to be the “go-to guide” for Individual Contributors to develop in the 9 Roles and 29 Practices that increase effectiveness.

Roles and Practices will vary in importance from organization to organization, so having a guide that allows rapid access to what matters is vital. This guide includes: The Domain of the Practice, Why the Practice is Important, Behaviors of the Practice, Where the Practice fits in the work of the Leaders, How to measure performance in the Practice, What can happen when the Practice is done poorly, Brain insights from recent neuroscience to help develop the Practice, and Development Tips.

Individual Contributor Performance Library Sort Cards

Practices will vary in importance from organization to organization. Sort cards immerse decision makers into exercises that put the science directly in their hands in order to determine what is most important in the organizational context.

What Practices are most important to your role/job/function/organization today? What are the Practices that will be needed to support the organization’s future state? These common questions can be answered with the tangible use of sorting cards. The outcome? Solid plans that can be implemented throughout a talent system.

Hello! Interview Guide for Individual Contributors

The impact hiring effective Leaders have on an organization is exponential. Everyone wants highly effective Leaders on their team to meet the expectations of stakeholders, customers, and team members.

However, successfully recruiting and hiring effective Leaders is not easy! KSAI Hello! provides you with a comprehensive and easy to use interview guide with all the tools you need to increase your probability of hiring effective Leaders every time. These tools support your ability to conduct four effective interviews that focus upon Culture Fit, Functional and Technical Skills, Candidate Potential, and a primary focus on the candidate’s ability to fulfill the needed Roles, Practices and Behaviors of effective Leaders in your organization.

Individual Contributor 360 Assessment

We have developed a comprehensive suite of survey tools to facilitate Individual Contributor development including our 360 Assessment that provides well-rounded feedback that fuels performance.

  • The Placemat Highlight Report – The highest and lowest overall ratings of the selected Practices and Roles
  • The KSAI Summary Report – Summary of the highest and lowest ratings of the Roles and Practices
  • The KSAI Roles and Practices Detail Report – View all of the data with the exception of the written comments. Each Role and Practice selected for the assessment is presented with all of the averages across groups
  • The KSAI Written Comments Report – View of the written comments verbatim, without reference to source or position on the organization
  • The KSAI Combination Report – Combination of all of the four reports into one

We can be your vendor for implementing 360 Assessments from our KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes) Libraries, complete with managing the assessment, reporting, and coaching. We can also certify your development staff to have full access to the suite of tools operational control.

Individual Contributor Development Tools

Individual Contributor Diagnostic Placemats

Placemats allow the user to have rapid access to an overview of the KSAI information in easy to access format. Placemats have been designed in several ways to meet your needs and come in both color and black and white versions.

SIDE A/B – Accessible Overview of the library of Roles and Practices and a Review of Developmental Difficulty of all Practices
SIDE C/D – User friendly view of how each Role connects to the Practices and identification of the mission critical Practices for success
SIDE E/F – At a glance view of how all Practices can be leveraged to build your career through assignments accompanied with definitions of Career Assignment

Individual Contributor and Acquisitions Analytical Map

Mergers and Acquisitions Analytical Map provides solutions for leading and managing for success. Most Mergers or Acquisitions fail to achieve their desired outcomes because of issues in the financial analysis and cultural integration that needs to occur to maximize the goal of the purchase.

This analytical map provides sequential definitions of roles and tasks for successful Mergers and Acquisitions. The link to the specific Practices of Leaders and Managers means that an assessment, alignment, and development plan can be used. With the use of DIY: Develop It Your Self-action tips for the specific critical Practices are available. The Hello! Interview Guide means you can methodically select those most suited for this kind of work.

Tally Sheets and Posters: Individual Contributor Performance Library

Let’s be honest. Your desk can get messy. When engaging with our sort cards exercises, Tally Sheets provide a clean framework for recording the insights that you discover. Tally Sheets allow decision-makers to jump from sorting exercises to analysis, to action planning and come in both Role Tally Sheets and Practice Tally Sheets.