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Decades of scientific research show that the only valid or predictive job interviews are highly structured, consistent, and able to link to concrete indicators of future work performance. However, most hiring managers not only over-inflate their ability to conduct great interviews and make great hires, many simply conduct informal interviews!

Our Hello! Interview Guide Builder has been meticulously designed using decades of research. This alone is not a differentiator. However, we have used a level-specific approach to design unique questions, probes and scorecards for use when hiring Leaders, Managers or Supervisors, and Individual Contributors. Why? Because the work world they must succeed in is very different. Therefore, the way we interview each much be as well.

Hello! Interview Guides

Meet the Hello! Interview Guide Builder

Our digital platform allows our partners to create highly customized, user-friendly, interview guides that hiring managers can use with confidence. Each guide allows you to add your organizations logo for a personal feel, and ensure that you put informal interviews in your past! Additionally key features include;

  • Transfer job profiles from our physical or virtual card sorting processes to ensure data-driven decisions drive your custom interview guide.
  • Select the desired behavioral-based Role and/or Practice questions, with follow up probes from our Hello! database.
  • Assign questions to interviewers so that each receives a personalized interview guide.
  • Include our scorecards to ensure your hiring managers know what to look for in candidate responses.
  • Pick from a variety of formats to include adding interview best practices and full Role/Practice chapters to ensure maximum interview preparation.
  • Include an Introduction to Interviewing, 12 Tips for Adjusting to Involuntary Bias or Preference and/or Deeper Interview Insights from Hello!
  • Attach a job description or job posting to any interview guide.
  • Create as many unique interview guides as needed, for all interviewing rounds, to support all stages of the hiring process.
  • Add custom questions to vet organizational alignment, technical/functional knowledge, or other areas of interest.
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Gain Access to the Hello! Interview Guide Builder

Each Hello! Certification Program can be completed as a self-paced certification or on-site through a customized design. Upon conclusion, we ensure you are confident, prepared, and ready to move your talent acquisition strategies forward.

To connect with a member of our team in greater detail about the Hello! Interview Guide Builder, or other talent management tools, schedule a free consultation or contact us!