Develop-It-Yourself Digital

Employee development is crucial for an organization’s growth and success. In today’s ever-changing environment, upskilling and reskilling employees is vital. By doing so, organizations can attract and retain great employees, create promotable ones, keep employees engaged, build trust, and improve outcomes. At TalentTelligent, we provide digital development dashboards for Leaders, Managers, and Individual Contributors, which include their very own Career Architect Driven by AI: Authentic Intelligence©. The best part? This scalable solution is built on decades of evidence-based research.

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Development Guides for Leaders, Managers, Individual Contributors and Teams

The hands-on “go to guide” for development for increasing effectiveness at ALL levels.

Each guide includes:

  • The Domain of Practice
  • Why the Practice is important
  • Observable Behaviors
  • Where the Practice fits in the work
  • How to measure performance in the Practice
  • What can happen when the Practice is done poorly
  • Brain insights from recent neuroscience to help develop the Practice
  • A Development of Tune-Up Plan

Develop-It-Yourself Digital

Meet DIY (Develop-It-Yourself) Digital. Our digital development platform allows our partners to deliver highly customized, learner-friendly experiences that allow for learning to lead to action. Each digital development experience can be customized within minutes, and learners can be greeted by a personal message their organization’s logo, and their own Career Architect©!

The Career Architect© is a live chat feature powered Driven by AI: Authentic Intelligence©. Learners can ask unlimited development questions of the Career Architect© and receive instant responses ONLY from our trusted, research-based development content.

Development at the Speed of Need

Your learners will receive:

– Behavioral-based Roles and Practices
– Chat-based conversations with the Career Architect Driven by AI: Authentic Intelligence©
– Understanding of Developmental Difficulty
– 8 Unique Development Plans and Actionable Worksheets
– Supporting Development Videos and Articles
– Key Assignments to Accelerate Development in Alignment with 70/20/10
– Braintelligent Tips
– Ways in which to measure progress

DIY Digital experiences can be deployed based upon the developmental priorities discovered upon conclusion of a TalentTelligent 360 Assessment, based upon the output of a card sorting activity, or as a stand-alone development initiative.

Gain Access to Develop-It-Yourself Digital

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