Artificial vs. Authentic Intelligence

With the current interest in the popular press surrounding artificial intelligence, there seems to be confusion, and clear reasons for worry, that machines will overtake human intelligence.  At TalentTelligent, we are welcoming these advancements, by ensuring the advantages of this technology is leveraged with decades of evidence-based development content of our authors. This is Authentic Intelligence.

To further explain this concept, let’s take a moment to explain artificial vs. Authentic Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a complex set of computer systems that can perform sophisticated tasks associated with processing large amounts of data. The system can rapidly analyze the data and is programmed to correct itself without human intervention based entirely on computational models.  These are considered Large Language Models (LLM) which use and organize language to communicate the outputs of their analysis.  As a platform designed to perform programmed tasks, “A.I.” does so without consciousness or self-awareness.  Artificial intelligence has no primary motivation and only acts on the initiatives, or prompts, of human beings.  While artificial intelligence programs can process information at lightning speeds, they have no basis to evaluate the quality, completeness, comprehensiveness, or accuracy of their response.

Authentic Intelligence

Authentic Intelligence, on the other hand, is based on cognitive capabilities of individuals with self-awareness, emotional inputs, moral and ethical reasoning, creativity, adaptability, empathy, and consciousness of experience.  Authentic Intelligence synthesizes and adjusts to evolving conditions that influence choices.  With Authentic Intelligence, individuals can reflect on experience as a basis for all forms of understanding and communicating (words, music, art, math, and an array of methods), subject to human variations.  Human motivation, initiative, moral agency, learning agility, and relationship building are all facets of Authentic Intelligence.

Application at TalentTelligent

TalentTelligent, LLC is dedicated to creating products based on scientific evidence and experience tested processes that maximize the capabilities of individuals in an organization.  While artificial intelligence allows for aggregating extensive and complex research, it has no basis in experience to evaluate degrees of priority or intensity, context, or responding to human differences.  Therefore, we remain committed to research-based, pragmatically tested, safe, and meaningful tools that meet individual development needs while we leverage A.I. platforms (OpenAI) exclusively using our vetted intellectual property.  In other words, our artificial intelligence tools only provide answers based on the specific research, writings, and valid findings that we have approved.  None of these answers are speculative or dependent on open and unreliable sources.

We use an artificial intelligence platform simply as a vehicle to access and magnify our Authentic Intelligence in The Career Blueprint and in Develop-It-Yourself Digital.  Our learners receive the benefits from our decades of research and practice, at the speed of AI and without the related concern, so that they can create clear and actionable plans for their growth and development.

Artificial intelligence + TalentTelligent = Authentic Intelligence