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Every talent management professional practices in their own, unique way. One size never fits all. Each client uses their own resource “recipe” from our valid and reliable suite of tools and supporting resources, and you’ll be in control of what is needed for your desired outcomes.

TalentTelligent has designed and delivers consulting, training, coaching, models, tools, resources and support to both meet you where you are, and to support your professional growth and development as you take your or your client’s organization to new heights.

With a holistic, behavior-based and brain-friendly portfolio, you may gain access to:

  • 360 Degree Assessments
  • Virtual and physical card sorting that engages your stakeholders
  • Level-specific placemats that aggregate and map information for quick reference – we put the science in your hands.
  • Comprehensive “Develop It Yourself” guides for individual contributors, managers/supervisors and leaders
  • Unique and powerful protocols for developing high performing teams
  • The industry’s cutting edge, research-based and field-tested approach for the identification and development of true high potentials, at all levels.

Explore Tools By:

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Leaders transform organizations. Your organization’s success lies within your ability to transform leaders.

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Managers or Supervisors live in the middle of the hierarchy and yet are essential to the operational and transformational success for the entire organization and for every level in the hierarchy.

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Individual Contributors

Individual contributors are absolutely critical to delivering the services and products and driving organizational success.

Talent Tools for High Potentials

High Potentials

The future of your organization rests on your ability to attract, develop, and retain High Potentials.

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High performing teams represent the ultimate blend of talent that allows for levels of achievement otherwise impossible.

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