TalentTelligent: Our Point of View

We are a friendly, trusted, talent management partner.

Using decades of experience our goal is to do the research so you don’t have to. This allows coaches and talent management leaders the ability to gain self-sufficiency, confidence, and access to tools and support that you can trust.

We solve pressing talent issues.

We know how to develop an individual contributor for the best contribution possible, what essential practices managers need to lead others, and the differentiators for performance at the top executive levels. Additionally, we know what it takes to be a true high potential at any of those levels.

We provide foundational and user-friendly language.

The Knowledge, Skills and Attributes language is line-friendly, and one the entire organization can use to describe a unified approach across the organization and within all Talent Management systems.

We focus on behavioral-based practices.

Behavioral-based practices allows the user of our material the ability to go back to the behaviors that are observable, practical, and drive performance. Gone are the days of talent management language that is hard to understand!

We created tools that meet unique needs.

Our tools can be applied in unique ways to Individual Contributors, Managers, Leaders, High Potentials, and Teams. From interviewing and selection, to development and identification, we have solutions you can use.

We leverage research-based, and experience-tested, discoveries.

We used 50 years of research, and over 100 years of experience, to provide you confidence through having tools in hand to develop both the individual and the entire talent pipeline.

We have included the latest neuroscience findings.

All of our work is informed and infused with the latest brain insights from recent neuroscience to help develop individuals. Knowing what’s going on inside an individual helps us build better initiatives on the outside. This “BrainTelligent”  content can hone in on better results, because we’ve tapped into how a person really works – at work.