Talent Tools For High Potential Employees

We’ve cracked the code on High Potential Employee Identification. You know better than anyone — the future of your organization rests on your ability to attract, develop, and retain Potentials. We know the Markers and behavioral-based Practices of those who can take on increasing levels of authority and oversight because they have something different — things that most people (candidly) don’t have. Talent pipelines are difficult to manage if you can’t get past the usual credentials and identify what makes potentials — so full of potential. Our Talent Tools for High Potential employees are a leap forward for your talent pipeline!

KSAP (Knowledge, Skills and Attributes of Potential) puts the science at your fingertips in a way that elevates your ability to identify and develop High Potential employees. Evidenced based, and experience tested, KSAP will allow you can now identify, measure, and develop Potential talent.

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High Potential Employee Development Guides

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes of Potential Sorting Cards
R.A.N.D. Career Profile: High Potential Employee Identification

The R.A.N.D. Career Profile Survey is where Science Meets Potential. This survey is completed by the manager(s) of those considered to have high potential in an organization. Using the scientifically derived KSAP framework, managers assess employees against observable behaviors in a user-friendly experience. Results are provided to the talent leader for analysis and insights that drive succession planning, career assignments, and developmental prioritizations, to name a few. Report Sections include Drivers and Marker Ranking, Practices Ranking, Practices Domains, Practices in Rank Order within Domains, Driver/Marker and Placemat Report, Framing Questions – Relocation, Cultural and Leadership Fit, R.A.N.D. Potential Index, R.A.N.D. Total Index

The R.A.N.D. Career Survey Report is intended for the confidential use of the talent manager or leader of talent management conversations. Using the report allows a talent management team to look at key behaviors essential for future success in the organization.

High Potential Performance Library Sort Cards

Practices will vary in importance from organization to organization. Sort cards immerse decision-makers into exercises that put the science directly in their hands in order to determine what is most important in the organizational context.

What Marker/Drivers and Practices will define High Potential employees in your organization? By understanding your organization’s strategy you can answer critical questions such as this through the use of sort cards. The outcome? Solid plans that can be implemented throughout a talent system.

High Potential Employees Field Guide

The KSAP Field Guide integrates all of the research on Potential. The field guide provides you with a thorough look at the Markers, Drivers, and Practices with inclusion of:

  • Linkages of the Markers, Drivers, and Practices to developmental assignments
  • The Domains of the Practices and how these are related to all of the KSA libraries
  • Why the Practice is Important
  • Behaviors of the Practice
  • Where the Practice fits in to the Potential conversation
  • How to measure performance in the Practice
  • What can happen when the Practice is done poorly
  • Brain insights from recent neuroscience to help develop the Practice
  • Behavior markers from school, college, and in the workplace
  • Interview guidelines for identifying and promoting Potential

High Potential 360 Assessment

We have developed a comprehensive suite of survey tools to facilitate High Potential employee development including our 360 Assessment to provide well-rounded development feedback that fuels performance.

  • The Placemat Highlight Report – The highest and lowest overall ratings of the selected Practices and Roles
  • The KSAP Summary Report – Summary of the highest and lowest ratings of the Roles and Practices
  • The KSAP Roles and Practices Detail Report – View all of the data with the exception of the written comments. Each Role and Practice selected for the assessment is presented with all of the averages across groups
  • The KSAP Written Comments Report – View of the written comments verbatim, without reference to source or position on the organization
  • The KSAP Combination Report – Combination of all of the four reports into one

We can be your vendor for implementing 360 Assessments from our KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes) Libraries, complete with managing the assessment, reporting, and coaching. We can also certify your development staff to have full access to the suite of tools operational control.

High Potential Development Tools

High Potential Diagnostic Placemats

Placemats allow the user to have rapid access to an overview of the KSAP information in easy to access format. Placemats have been designed in several ways to meet your needs and come in both color and black and white versions.

SIDE A/B – Accessible Overview of the library of Roles and Practices and a Review of Developmental Difficulty of all Practices
SIDE C/D – User friendly view of how each Role connects to the Practices and identification of the mission critical Practices for success
SIDE E/F – At a glance view of how all Practices can be leveraged to build your career through assignments accompanied with definitions of Career Assignment

High Potential Codex

The linkage between the Markers, Drivers and Roles of all of the KSA libraries and the connection between all of the KSAP Practices and those of all of the other libraries are provided in this one document. The KSAP Codex allows for the identification of the Markers, Drivers, and Practices that need attention in order to take on increasingly more challenging roles. This analytical map leads to use of the Hello! Interview Guides to interview and on-board high potential employees effectively.

Tally Sheets and Posters: High Potential Performance Library

Let’s be honest. Your desk can get messy. When engaging with our sort cards exercises, Tally Sheets provide a clean framework for recording the insights that you discover. Tally Sheets allow decision-makers to jump from sorting exercises to analysis, to action planning and come in both Role Tally Sheets and Practice Tally Sheets.