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Talent Management Consulting

Develop your team and your talent with our consulting solutions.

Successful talent management practices are a combination of both art and science. While there are many nuances to your unique organization, you want an approach that works, based on research. While the cultural context in which employees work shifts from one organization to the next, and sometimes from one function to another, this uniqueness requires solutions that are not “one-size-fits-all.” They also require solutions backed by science you can rely on. Talent management consulting offered by TalentTelligent provides you with access to over 100 years of human capital experience (“The Art”) and new and fresh tools designed with 50 years of research and well-established best practice processes (“The Science”).

Talent Management Consulting

Our Associates bring a wide range of capabilities to the table to fuel your talent management vision regardless of the scope. We’ve been in your shoes and have successfully navigated the talent management functionality with success and passion. Today, we leverage that experience and work with global organizations from every economic sector – demonstrating our understanding of key market demands and the impact they have on talent.

As part of the talent management consulting process, we will assist you with the following (and more):

  • Develop, devise, and implement various strategies to select, hire, grow, develop, deploy, promote, give feedback, and support teamwork at all levels
  • Launch coaching and development initiatives using our team of experienced coaches
  • Work toward closing any role and practice gaps within your organization
  • Plan for the short and long-term needs of your talent base
  • Integrate our intellectual property into your talent systems
  • Equip your talent leaders to become experts in the KSA Suite of Tools so the science is in your hands
  • Identify high potentials who can move into roles with greater scope and responsibility
  • Create customized interview guides that match your needs
  • Conduct virtual, or on-site, thought leadership presentations

We view talent management as a complete business strategy that must be fully integrated within all employee-related processes applicable to your organization. As your talent management associate, our role is to be a trusted partner and guide you on implementing a complete talent management system that continues to benefit the way your organization operates.

Providing training, support, and backup, our research-based talent management consulting solutions complement the overarching goals of your organization. To set up an initial consultation and discover how we can fuel your talent strategies with both art and science, contact us at TalentTelligent!