Talent Management Consulting

Develop your team and your talent with our consulting solutions.

Talent management is a combination of both art and science, and the uniqueness of your organization requires solutions that are not “one-size-fits-all.” TalentTelligent’s tools and consulting provide you with resources that adapt to your organization, fueled by decades of research to help you accomplish your goals. 

Beyond having the right tools, you want the right team to lead, guide and/or support your implementation. TalentTelligent Consulting Services is here to meet that need. With over 30 Associates, we bring a wide range of capabilities to help you fuel your talent management vision at increased speeds. 

Talent Management Consulting

Leverage our experienced team of Associates to assist you with the following (and more):

Create Talent Strategy

     It starts with a comprehensive plan for candidate sourcing, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, assessing, developing, teaming and promoting “ready” talent. 

Upskill Your Talent Team

     Whether you have a team of seasoned pros looking to add a skill or a powerful new tool, or HR Generalists who need to build broad talent management capability.

Outsource Talent Management

     Bring on external resources to design and deliver just the talent management services you most need, when you need them.

Fill Your Talent Toolkit

      Let’s look at what you’re using now and what you believe you need. A coherent and coordinated set of tools and processes are important for achieving scale and alignment, and for getting results, no matter your budget.

Create Job/Success Profiles

     Observable and measurable behaviors that can be investigated and developed. Focus on the mission critical KSAs. Be realistic. We’ll show you how.   

Assess, Coach and Develop

     For organizations without internal coaching capabilities and/or for executives who prefer seasoned, business savvy external coaches.      

Facilitate Development Programs

     To design, build and deliver formal development experiences aligned to your organizational needs and strategies.

Verify High Potentials

     Our KSA suite for High Potentials is a powerful, research-based solution for taking the guesswork out of deciding how to verify, develop, deploy and promote true High Potentials…and why.

Talent Reviews and Succession

     Too many talent and succession planning processes are rife with unconscious bias, subjective evaluation, and an over-emphasis on performance. Further, many organizations lack a succession plan altogether resulting in paying search firms to find their key talent. Our tools and “talent talk” approaches support making data-driven talent decisions with confidence. We can facilitate and will teach you how.

Integrate TalentTelligent Content

     Organizations either build or buy their own talent management content (competencies, systems, applications and more). Building is time-consuming and expensive. Often, organizations must start over after years of wasted time and poor outcomes.

     Instead, bring in “ready now”, research-based and experienced-tested content from industry thought leaders and product developers. Our content easily adapts to your organizational context–for now and for when things change–because we have already done the heavy lifting for you. License and deploy TalentTelligent intellectual property. 

Keynotes and Thought Leadership Presentations  

     Having pioneered the competency movement, the 9-Box for succession planning, the 70/20/10 learning methodology, the relationship between personality type and leader competencies, the earliest linkages of neuroscience to personality-based behavior and performance in the workplace; the co-creation of the concept of learning agility as a talent differentiator and indicator of potential, and assignmentology, we have a lot to share. Partner with us for your organization, your executive team, your Association or your upcoming conference.


We view talent management as a complete business strategy that must be fully integrated within all employee-related processes applicable to your organization. Our role is to guide you in implementing a complete talent management system that adapts over time to benefit the way your organization operates.