Talent Tools For Teams

High performing Teams represent the ultimate blend of talent that allows for levels of achievement otherwise impossible. These Teams are differentiated from others based upon their ability to produce meaningful outcomes and are sought out by others who desire to join them in their work.

Ensuring you have a model of team effectiveness in hand that includes the essential Drivers and behavioral-based Practices to create high performing teams is vital. With the research-based Drivers and Practices of KSAT (Knowledge, Skills and Attributes of Teams), you will be armed with talent tools for teams to guide their composition and development and increase their capabilities.

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Team Development Guides

The Knowledge, Skills and Attributes of Teams Title Card
High Performing Teams Codex Screenshot
DIY for Teams

DIY is available as a printed guide, or as a digital experience via DIY Digital, designed specifically to be the “go-to guide” for Teams to develop in the 10 Drivers and 30 Practices that increase team effectiveness.

Drivers and Practices will vary in importance from organization to organization, so having a guide that allows rapid access to what matters is vital. This guide includes provides tangible action tips that need to be considered on the way to being a High Performing Team and includes Definitions of all Drivers and Practices, Why the Practice is Important, Behaviors teams must develop to achieve the Drivers and Practices, Developmental Difficulty, Unique developmental linkages for team members that are Leaders, Managers and Individual Contributors, Action and Development Tips and planning resources, Bonus linkages to multiple personality frameworks (MBTI, Big 5, Gallup and DISC).

High Potential Performance Library Sort Cards

Practices will vary in importance from organization to organization. Sort cards immerse decision-makers into exercises that put the science directly in their hands in order to determine what is most important in the organizational context.

What Practices are most important to create High Performing Teams in your organization? What are the Team Practices that will be needed to support the organization’s future state? These common questions can be answered with the tangible use of sort cards. The outcome? Rich discussions around teams, and solid plans that can be implemented throughout a talent system to build better Teams.

Team CodexSort Cards

The linkage between the Performance Drivers and Roles of all of the KSA libraries and the connection between all of the KSAT Practices and those of all of the other libraries are provided in this one document. The KSAT Codex allows for the identification of the Markers, Drivers, and Practices that need attention in order to leverage individuals to enhance Team performance. This analytical map leads to use of the DIYs and Hello! Interview Guides to identify and onboard Team members

Team 360 Assessment

We have developed a comprehensive suite of assessment tools to facilitate Team development including our 360 Assessment to provide feedback that fuels higher levels of performance.

To boost Team performance we have two options for collecting data on team members and teams. Our standard KSAT Learner-Centric 360 Assessment allows Managers, Team Members, Customers and Stakeholders, HR Professionals, and Others to provide key feedback on team-related behaviors. Our KSAT Team-Centric 360 allows members of the team, Team Manager(s), Team Leader(s), Customers, HR Professionals, and Others to provide feedback about how a Team is performing.

While the KSAT 360 Assessment Reports are presented in the same manner, each are reframed from the perspective of what is seen about the Team.Our assessment allows the production of 5 reports:

  • The Placemat Highlight Report – The highest and lowest overall ratings of the selected Practices and Roles
  • The KSAT Summary Report – Summary of the highest and lowest ratings of the Roles and Practices
  • The KSAT Roles and Practices Detail Report – View all of the data with the exception of the written comments. Each Role and Practice selected for the assessment is presented with all of the averages across groups
  • The KSAT Written Comments Report – View of the written comments verbatim, without reference to source or position on the organization
  • The KSAT Combination Report – Combination of all of the four reports into one

High Potential Development Tools

Team Diagnostic Placemats

Placemats allow the user to have rapid access to an overview of the KSAT intellectual property in an accessible format. Placemats have been designed in several ways to meet your needs and come in both color and black and white versions for easy coaching and interpretation.

SIDE A/B – Accessible Overview of the library of Roles and Practices and a Review of Developmental Difficulty of all Practices
SIDE C/D – User friendly view of how each Role connects to the Practices and identification of the mission-critical Practices for success

Tally Sheets and Posters: High Performing Team Performance Library

Let’s be honest. Your desk can get messy. When engaging with our sort cards exercises, Tally Sheets provide a clean framework for recording the insights that you discover. Tally Sheets allow decision-makers to jump from sorting exercises to analysis, to action planning and come in both Role Tally Sheets and Practice Tally Sheets.