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Ground-breaking, research-based talent tools,
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Imagine a comprehensive approach to talent management that…

Aligns the talent conversation in your organization

Creates a common language of leadership at all levels

Selects the right talent for your business at every level

Creates a pipeline full of verified high potentials

Uses 360° Feedback for rich development and coaching

Supports targeted and customized development at every level

Builds high performing teams with the ultimate blend of talent

Draws from evidence-based, research-backed methodologies with proven results

TalentTelligent’s Suite of Tools is that approach.
Wherever the mission-critical need is, we can help.
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Explore the Industry-disruptive, Research-Driven, & Experience-Tested Talent Management Approach for…


Leaders transform organizations. Your organization's success lies with your ability to transform leaders.


Managers or Supervisors live in the middle of the hierarchy and yet are essential to the operational and transformational success for the entire organization and for every level in the hierarchy.

Individual Contributors

Individual contributors are absolutely critical to delivering the services and products and driving organizational success.

High Potentials

The future of your organization rests on your ability to attract, develop, and retain High Potentials.


High performing teams represent the ultimate blend of talent that allows for levels of achievement otherwise impossible.


High Potentials: Advancing our Talent Practices
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Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Practices
Across the world, organizations are increasing their investment in Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. And just like all elevated areas of focus in organizations, the approach... More...
The Competency Fatigue Solution: Roles and Practices
Human Resources professionals across the world have been using competencies, and competency models for decades as a way in which to break down jobs into a group of characteristics that are needed... More...
Psychological Safety: The Key to Creativity and Innovation
To operate an organization of any magnitude requires creativity and innovation to be part of your culture. To stay competitive, to find efficiencies, or even create differentiation... More...

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Testimonial--1 I use the KSA tools to help organizations solve pressing people challenges and provide a common language. The end result is employees who love their jobs, a pipeline of leadership talent, and an organization that achieves its mission. – Colby B., Talent Management Consultant
Testimonial--2 TalentTelligent’s training and tools are unparalleled in how comprehensively they guide the 360 experience. 360 feedback is brilliantly set up to lead straight into coaching with DIY tools. – Andrew H., Executive Coach
Testimonial--3 TalentTelligent’s 360 survey fills the gap between theory and practice and their virtual training gets you up and running quickly with the skills you need to implement intelligently. – Kevin H., Chief Development Officer
Testimonial--4 TalentTelligent is the gold standard for talent management in any size organization. It is easy to learn, scalable on a global basis and very affordable. – Glenn R., Leadership Consultant
Testimonial--5 The latest work by Pearman and Eichinger is their best yet. Grounded in decades of research and experience, the KSA approach helped our HR practitioners and employees, to confidently use tools that develop key talent and evaluate leadership potential. – Fortune 50 Chief Human Capital Officer

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