Talent Management Services

At TalentTelligent, we know how to develop an individual contributor for the best contribution possible, the essential practices managers need to effectively lead others, and the differentiators for performance at top leadership levels. We also know how to identify and cultivate high potential employees and create effective teams! Each of these areas of focus are unique, thus requiring unique talent tools. Our Talent Management Services use these tools to support your strategic priorities and give you greater confidence. From Talent Acquisition Processes, to Leadership Development Programs, Coaching, Succession Planning, Talent Reviews and Talent Analytics, we can help.

Talent Management Services

If you have high aspirations, and need experienced support to ensure success, our experienced team of Associates can bring you expertise in using the Knowledge, Skills and Attributes Suite of Tools. Through the formation of strong partnerships, your talent management approach can be infused with decades of research from our industry thought leaders, Roger Pearman and Robert Eichinger. You will have the confidence knowing that your employees will have solutions built with user-friendly language. Gone are the days of talent management resources simply built for Human Resources. Our tools are built for the end user, your employees.

Talent Management Services Examples

Talent Acquisition Processes
  • Research has shown that using a standardized, consistent, behavioral-based interview process increases the probability of making great hires. Our team partners with your stakeholders to create customized, behavioral-based, profiles that you can use to deploy a customized interview guides. Each guide is powered by the research and content in our Hello! Interview Guides. Each takes into consideration the unique needs of Individual Contributors, Managers, Leaders, and High Potential Employees.
Leadership Development Programs
  • Behavior drives results. With our help you can leverage research-based  performance libraries for Individual Contributors, Managers, Leaders, High Potentials and Teams to deploy a nearly unlimited amount of Leadership Development Programs that meet your priorities.
  • It is easy to find general, off the shelf, coaching frameworks to use in your coaching programs. However, our solutions allow you to use your unique leadership coaching style and knowledge to create customized success profiles. These profiles prioritize the behaviors that matter in your organization or with your client. With that knowledge in hand, you are able to deploy customized 360 surveys, and Develop-It-Yourself Development Guides, that match your profile and behavioral priorities. Need assistance? Lean upon our team of highly-experience Associates to deploy an organization wide coaching program. Your leadership coaching program will be elevated above the rest.
Succession Planning
  • Right People. Right Seat. Right Development. Right Time. Succession Planning ensures that your organization has a long and thriving future. However, to do so you must know what ready now, versus ready later looks like. How do you know when your Individual Contributors are ready for Management? When will your Managers be ready to Lead the organization? Who are verified High Potential employees and what do we once we find them? Using our performance libraries, and through creating success profiles, we can answer these questions and more. Your succession plans have never been stronger.
Talent Analytics
  • Data-driven decision making provides all stakeholders with added confidence in the midst of an ever-changing landscape. Partnering with our team allows you to gain insights from our virtual card sorting platform through a series of analytical reports, informed by your key stakeholders. Further, our 360 surveys provide the opportunity to create group aggregate reports that instantly create a learning needs analysis for your organization.

With 100 years of combined talent management experience by our authors and backed by 50 years of research, we have effective talent management services any organization can benefit from. Contact us today to see how our experienced team can support your strategic priorities.