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Meet TalentTelligent – Our Evolution

TeamTelligent was born in 2010. Since that time, our work has expanded dramatically. Our impact and value to the market has broadened. The result? We outgrew our original name; TeamTelligent. While we certainly have solutions that focus on creating high performing teams, we are so much more. Catch up on the background of this decision and who we are below!

Introducing TalentTelligent!

The TalentTelligent brand unambiguously lets you associate with a comprehensive talent management system that addresses selection, development, coaching, succession, high potential identification, and feedback across the enterprise. Wherever the mission critical need is, TalentTelligent can help. 

Some Helpful Background Information

This change might seem small on the surface. However, we want to provide you with an understanding of why the organization was called TeamTelligent and our decision to evolve to TalentTelligent.

TeamTelligent was formed as an LLC in 2010 by Roger Pearman and Robert Eichinger. As lifelong creators of talent tools, they saw the opportunity to create iPad applications to create teams in a visual way using a variety of attributes. Teamosity was born, and was soon followed by CareerFitosity and Relate!

Soon after, they dove deeper into the development of Team related tools that would allow talent practitioners to utilize decades of research. They started down the path of creating what we call KSAT (Knowledge, Skills and Attributes of Teams) and then set it aside! Why? They continued to wrestle with broader questions about talent management and human potential. These questions were informed from their experience with organizations over the past 30 years. Clear research patterns were elevating in importance. Additionally, the knowledge of how our world of work was changing demanded new approaches, beyond Teams!

Moving Beyond Teams

Sitting KSAT to the side, they fervently created tailored solutions that met the unique needs of the whole talent system; Leaders, Managers, Individual Contributors, and High Potentials. The volume, and quality, of work completed in a few short years is astounding. During this time, we knew our organization’s name was less applicable when compared to our evolving value proposition.

Meet TalentTelligent
TalentTelligent Logo
A research driven, experience tested, talent management organization.
  • We bring positive intent to the table, through our desire to build meaningful partnerships that help you solve today’s talent challenges.
  • We believe in the value of having access to the science that allows you to care for your whole system and the whole person, wherever they sit.
  • The opposite of an “off the shelf” solution, our solutions adapt when you need them to, and flexes to the unique needs of Leaders, Managers and Individual Contributors.
  • We help you identify High Potentials and knows what to do next.
  • We have not forgotten where we started, and continue to provide you the means to create high performing teams that outperform your competition.

TalentTelligent on one hand is a pragmatic shift from “Team” to “Talent,” yet much more. It is a belief that ALL Talent matters, a desire to equip practitioners with confidence in accessing lifetimes of learning, and a promise be a trusted and intelligent partner. We hope you will join us as we continue to write a story together with our partners.

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