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Binge-Worthy Advice in VUCA Times

Author: Lisa-Marie Hanson –  Chief Learning Officer

Binge-Worthy Advice in VUCA Times

One of the nice things coming out of the COVID 19 crisis is the number of companies working to offer their services and goods in the form of complimentary webinars to those of us who are home-bound; trying to help by staying home.

Candidly, I’ve been binge-watching – a lot.  And even though I can admit to watching my fair share of many a Netflix series, I have been able to plug into various professional webinar offerings in the talent management space as a reflective way to ready myself for business life, post COVID – which I hope is coming soon by the level of stir-crazy messages I am observing on Social Media.

TalentTelligent’s co-founders, Pearman and Eichinger have contributed their expertise, devoted their time, attention and intellectual property as well —  to compiling their best data and counsel on Leading Under VUCA, Pressure and Crisis within two complimentary Thought Leadership webinars available now.

I was lucky enough to moderate the conversation over two episodes.

  • Episode One – VUCA: Leading Under Pressure and Crisis is about VUCA itself, black swan situations, the research around what skills are needed in pressure and crisis across all organizational levels: Individual Contributors, Managers, and Leaders.
  • Episode Two – VUCA Proofing Your Enterprise, started by Pearman and Eichinger doing rapid cluster analysis coding across their data and offer up the top things to be doing in these times, based on the evidence.  Then, they offer practical tips and counsel on how to do them.  In addition to the advice we can all do, they go on to state that the most VUCA Proofing an organization can do, involves High Potentials.  Knowing who they are, where they are and deploying them in these uncertain times – is the VUCA Proofing we all need to devote time to,  as they’re the folks “who know what to do when they don’t know what to do.” Huh?

If you like the “movie trailers” Netflix provides that pique your interest, or let you decide if the Series is binge-worthy, check out the series preview below and then determine if you want to dig in and get more. (I think you will.)

Take our Thought Leader’s advice in these unsetting times (and mine too –  by giving the series a spin/launching the links).  I’m confident you’ll find something to do differently as you work to bring your best self and best leadership to weathering the situation we’re in.  Stay safe – be well.

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