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Manager 360 Case Study

The Kirkpatrick indices measuring the impact of learning put the highest value on change over time following any learning experience. In other words, the learning experience produces significant results. Three years after the coaching engagements with 32 managers has enabled us to look at three very important indices of growth in this short case study.

The Method

The method for this engagement involved 32 managers who participated in a 360 survey on the Roles and Practices of Managers, with an average of 12 raters each.1 Each manager was provided feedback about their 360 survey and actively engaged for six follow-up sessions over 9 months. The managers developed a detailed development plan to enrich their effectiveness and to prepare for more responsibilities in their careers.

Three years after this learning experience, the senior leadership was asked to identify areas of growth they had observed, to rate the use of the feedback received, and debrief what they see as each manager’s Potential for more complex roles. A simple rating system of 1-5 was used, with 5 being the most effective, or has the highest Potential.

The Survey

The KSAM 360 survey is based on research regarding the behaviors most essential for fulfilling a managerial position. In addition, the KSAM 360 Roles and Practices are highly correlated with the Drivers and Practices of Potential. Consequently, an estimation of Potential can be derived from the manager’s ratings and the overall ratings for each learner in this project.

The Conclusion

Data from this engagement indicates that there is an average rated growth and change of 4.1 on a scale of 5 for the cohort. Four of the top five managers identified as High Potentials were in the top scores for the Potential Estimator report from the KSAM 360 analysis.2 The correlation between the current manager’s ratings and the KSA Potential Estimator is .29, which is statistically significant.

We have these conclusions:

• The KSAM 360 survey provided targeted and accurate data on the key behaviors for success.
• Professional coaching, using developmentally appropriate data and tactics, resulted in significant performance over three years.
• The KSA Potential Estimator yields reasonable predictions regarding the use of Potential, which facilitates decisions on assignments and future placement.

1KSAM 360 (Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes of Managers) allows ratings on 11 essential Roles and 30 Practices for managerial success. Ratings from the Manager, Peers, Direct Reports, Others, and Customers are allowed and reviewed in each report. KSAM 360 is a product of TalentTelligent, LLC.
2The KSA Potential Estimator calculates Potential using algorithms looking at the difficulty, weight, and performance of variables of Potential. Scores are reported using a standard scoring system, with a range of 20-80, with a mean of 50 with a 10-point standard deviation.

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