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Psychological Safety – The Key to Creativity and Innovation

Author: Garrick Throckmorton– Chief Product and Services Officer

To operate an organization of any magnitude requires creativity and innovation to be part of your culture. To stay competitive, to find efficiencies, or even create differentiation. Creativity and innovation, however, are also buzz words thrown around that we can all benefit from digging deeper into. What is creativity and innovation? Are they the same thing? Can both be present to great degrees in one person? How do talent management practitioners, and leaders, create environments that allow for both to be present and sustained? In this interview clip from the 12 Geniuses podcast, TalentTelligent Managing Partner Bob Eichinger talks about the difference in Creativity and Innovation as a starting point to challenge your current conceptualization. Listen to this 2 minute clip to hear about the differences in both terms:

As the podcast interview continues, Bob dives deeper into the tactical steps that organizations can take to foster an culture of creativity and innovation. The key ingredient? Psychological Safety. Once creative OR innovative employees have been identified, the environment that we surround them with, and the manner in which we encourage problem solving now comes into play. To round out this topic, listen to Bob’s 3 minute response to the following question, “What are one or two things recommended to create psychological safety?”

What tactics have seen in your organizations, or are you using as talent management practitioners, to help foster psychological safety as a key ingredient to creativity and innovation? Interested to learn more about our current body of work? Take a Virtual TalentTelligent Tour today!


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