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Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Practices

Author: Garrick Throckmorton– Chief Product and Services Officer and Roger Pearman – Managing Partner

Across the world, organizations are increasing their investment in Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. And just like all elevated areas of focus in organizations, the approach to this topic falls across a wide spectrum. As you pursue solutions to this complex challenge, we think it is important to take a step back and communicate our point of view on this vital work. So what is the TeamTelligent Point of View on the topic, and how can our suite of tools support your D&I initiatives?

Diversity and Inclusion

TalentTelligent Point of View: ANY force, idea, process, basis, or structure that holds back talent, growth or human potential mean we ALL lose.

We focus on helping organizations thrive, as a byproduct of human thriving, and are passionate about unlocking human potential through advanced talent management approaches. We know the evidence supports this in powerful ways. Organizations that eliminate elements that hold back talent, and purposefully invest in D&I have 35% higher revenues, greater innovation, increased engagement, and higher customer satisfaction. Not a bad business case!

Those outcomes are great to target, but how do you get there as an organization as you assess the “best” approaches? Below are a few of the key considerations, at a system level, that our research has found to be important. Ultimately, a single program, a single town hall, or focus groups, while helpful will not create a sustainable systems approach that is needed. Challenge yourself to take a step back and think systemically about this important topic using the thought starters below:

  • Programs that provide for training, self-management, teams, cross-training, recruitment, mentoring and diversity focused activity help create a culture that promotes the value of and benefits from diversity and inclusion.
  • A comprehensive talent management system that has targeted, appropriate, and evidenced based Roles and Practices and ALL levels (Leaders, Managers and Individual Contributors) must foster is vital to success. Our research has defined the most important Roles and Practices/Behaviors needed to get to the heart of psychological needs throughout the organization.
  • A development agenda that includes career assignments that promote working with differences is vital for the development of a diversity and inclusion mindset.
  • Identifying levels of Potential, using science, greatly reduces the bias that is often inherent in identifying and developing High Potentials. Our High Potential Performance Library identifies the research-based Markers and Practices of High Potential and reduces bias in the process.
  • Us of an evidence-based interviewing strategy also reduces bias and increases the likelihood of establishing a culture of Diversity and Inclusion. This is a driving force of our Hello! material as a means to bring standardized structure and protocols to hiring so you can hire the right talent, at the right time, with minimal bias influences.
  • Learning means changing brain patterns. This may seem out of reach in your organization. However, our development tips integrate “Braintelligent” guidance so ALL employees can maximize brain resources in an accessible way.

Verna Myers said it best, “Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance.” Join us on the journey to no longer hold back talent, growth, or human potential so that we ALL win!

Learn more about the TalentTelligent Suite of tools which is helping organizations create a behavioral-based culture of belonging today!

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