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Virtual Talent Management Card Sorting Is Here!

Author: Garrick Throckmorton – Chief Product and Services Officer

The Competency Movement. 70/20/10. 9-Box. Learning Agility. Pearman Personality Integrator. The Book YOU. These well known, globally applied, and impactful tools are the result of the contribution that our founders have made to the world of talent management. We are fortunate to hear the stories behind each of those creations while working together at TalentTelligent. However, the story does not end there!

Heart in the past, feet on the ground, and head in the future. This advice applies today as our past successes do not dictate our future impact. At TalentTelligent we are energized about the future and are striving to create “next practices” in talent management that help you, talent practitioners, create thriving organizations.

Our approach focuses on using best practice processes (card sorting, 360 survey’s, development guides, interview guides, etc.) to bring advanced, updated and evidence based Intellectual Property to life. However, we are changing things up this month with the launch of a new tool and process which will create a “next practice” for the world of talent management; Virtual Card Sorting for Leaders, Managers/Supervisors, Individual Contributors, High Potential, and High Performing Teams Performance Libraries!

To envision where card sorting is headed, let’s consider where it started. Card Sorting practices have been used in the field of psychology for over 60 years! Through card sorting individuals have the opportunity to put science in their hands and sort/filter cards based upon a pre-determined question. The individual engages directly in an active process of comparing and contrasting scenarios based upon the content on each card. This powerful process has been used with individuals, teams, and across organizations for decades and has often helped HR Practitioners include Line Leaders in the creation of talent strategies and prioritization.

Physical Card Sorting Example – Used for Decades by Talent Practitioners. 

To date, the only way to provide a card sorting experience was in a face to face, or large group environment. Face to face facilitation is still an incredibly viable approach, with unique benefits that cannot be fully replicated. At the same time, our ways of working have changed such that we often want to engage others in card sorting, yet we find that those individuals are simply not in our building, state, or time zone!

This is one of the reasons that we have built a robust card sorting platform that will also provide our Qualified Administrators the following benefits:

  • Launch a card sorting experience for individual, team, department, or enterprise at any time, at any location
  • Analyze aggregate card sorting results in real time
  • Debrief and lead individual or group discussions while sharing detailed analytics of the card sorting data
  • Produce instantaneous demographic data cuts across dozens of filtering options
  • Transfer your finalized card sorting profiles into a 360 survey experience for Leaders, Managers, Individual Contributors, High Potentials or Teams
Virtual Card Sorting can be initiated at any time…from anywhere to provide talent leaders in depth answers to strategic questions. 
Talent Management Card Sorting

We hope that you join our journey to deploy Virtual Card Sorting in your organization to help solve today’s talent challenges using feedback from your employees, solicited in real time, with powerful analytics. To gain access to this platform, and more, join any of our upcoming All-Access Certification programs as each includes access to this “next practice” in talent management.

Virutal Card Sorting Provides Hundreds of Analytical Dashboard Options for In-Depth Analysis


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