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Restarting and Reskilling

Author: Garrick Throckmorton– Chief Product and Services Officer

A global pandemic and social transformations alone, have forever altered the talent management landscape. From fueling an overnight shift to remote work that is here to stay, to the altering and highlighting of behaviors that drive future effectiveness, talent management strategies will never be the same. We contend that all talent management leaders must intentionally consider how their talent management operating system is structured in order to shift to meet the needs of the present times and future horizon.

Consider the following dramatic shifts that have occurred in the past 11 months as a starting point which impact all organizations to varying degrees:

—New SEC accounting metrics for human capital will drive whole new initiatives for addressing talent “value”
—Covid-19 fluidity creates ambiguity and uncertainty—the uneven vaccination of the workforce, the uneven economic impact, market driven priorities requiring agile shifts and retooling
—Talent redistribution and realignment (89% of surveyed CEOs believe that their workforce is significantly under prepared to address changing enterprise needs)
—The prioritization of safety and DEI requires budget adjustments and HR/OD/LD reorganization of learning and HR processes
—The urgent need for creating virtual and hybrid workplaces and addressing the WFA (Work From Anywhere) perspective
—Managing talent “flight”, new forms of engagement, development, diversity, and a resilient culture
—Exponential growth of AI affecting all aspects of operations—production, human resources, processes

So what should we do with all of this information? Consider the creation of a new talent management roadmap that is adaptable. A strong roadmap also considers how your behavioral expectations for employees need to adapt to perform inside of a new, and ever-shifting, context. To get started with your restart plan:

  1. Engage all stakeholders to assess the new enterprise needs, strategies and challenges that are known today and what might be on the horizon.
  2. Upon identifying your new needs. It is vital to consider the impact that this has on your talent at a behavioral level (the common language that all employees can speak). By prioritizing the mission critical Roles and Behavioral Practices that will be essential in the new reality, and in your context, you are off to a great start in engaging employees in tangible ways. At TeamTelligent, we address this need through the use of our Virtual Sorting Platform that engages stakeholders IN the creation of new performance profiles at all organization levels.
  3. What is the gap between your current talent and the new performance profiles? By assessing your talent, you can identify where you are strong, where there are developmental opportunities, and even who to deploy against new opportunities.
  4. Aligning your talent with performance profiles in hand, creates a more nimble and agile workforce as you restart and deploy talent in a strategic manner with evidence backed strategies.
  5. We know that investing in the learning capabilities of employees increases the trust that they have in the organization. Your performance profiles create rapid ways to “reskill” your workforce and invest in learning that matters and drives performance.

We are all restarting, and reskilling based upon the seismic earthquakes of the last 11 months. Together we can seize these shifts as an incredible opportunity to make lasting changes that engage our employees, show them the heart of our organization through enhanced talent strategies, and create a more sustainable climate moving forward.

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