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Generative AI and Talent Management: The Art of the Possible

Generative AI has quickly become THE topic of conversation across all areas of life as the impact it holds seems larger than life. Is this as big as the launch of the iPhone? Likely. Will it be as disruptive to the business world as the launch of the internet? We think so.

There are predictions that Generative AI will enable companies to derive much more significant performance impact in the next 5 years with only 15% of executives viewing generative AI as a threat. Further, models show that 44% of working hours in the US alone are in scope for automation or augmentation by applying this technology.

Independent of your current understanding, or use, of this technology the following is true. Generative AI is disruptive. It is not a matter of IF you will adopt this technology, but rather a matter of WHEN and HOW as viewed in the graphic below from Dave Ulrich.

Listen Into Client Conversations

As we have launched our generative AI solution, The Career Architect©, we have thrown ourselves headfirst into the art of the possible surrounding this hype. Our current AI solution brings AI coaching, at scale, to employees at their moment of need. Most importantly,  our AI chat feature responds to any people-related question from within one of the largest databases of research-based intellectual property in our space. Through accessing 5,000+ vetted development tips, and 5,000,000+ words of supporting development content, users can ask questions in their own words to develop emotional intelligence, build new competencies, fulfill company values, prepare for interviews or important meetings, and much more. Our platform delivers just what is needed, in context to their specific question.

Our client conversations have led to new insights that tell a story about how Talent Management Leaders are considering the art of the possible with Generative AI.

The Career Architect© is a fully customizable Generative AI dashboard that drives development performance with coaching in the moment of need.

Theme 1: Will generative AI augment or replace our coaching network?

It is difficult to fully envision the disruption Generative AI will bring to the coaching industry. However, we believe that there will always be a need for coaches. Yet the role of a coach will evolve.

Consider the fact that we are relational beings at our core. Nothing illustrates this better than the unintended consequences that the recent pandemic had on the overall well-being of our society. As we pulled away from relationships and community, the struggles of society increased quickly. Could the void that was created be filled fully by talking with an avatar?

Effective coaches increase productivity, employee satisfaction, job satisfaction, and help improve relationships and outcomes at work. However, at some point the coach leaves the building, ends the Zoom call, and moves to a new client.

Generative AI allows the coach to “leave a part of them behind.” What if the coachee had access to a generative AI solution built on decades of evidence to turn to, 6 weeks later and in their moment of need? Generative AI can solve this to augment the work of coaches.

Theme 2: How can Generative AI impact classroom training?

All training facilitators know the power that classroom (or remote) training holds. There is energy and deep learning to be found in group discovery, team interactions, and peer-to-peer interactions. Further, we know from the 70/20/10 learning methodology that 10% of learning comes from coursework, online/distance training, and facilitated events. The manner in which adults learn will not change. However, Generative AI will allow the classroom to extend beyond the moment that participants walk out the door or press the “leave meeting” button.

Consider the following: your organization has invested in emotional intelligence development for 50 participants. Everyone completes an emotional intelligence assessment and attends a half-day workshop to explore their results, dive deep into new insights, and begin to consider implications and next steps.

To date, all workshops face a common challenge. The classroom experience is a success, yet the participants leave and are separated from facilitator support. They enter a world where the coaching and assignments they take on fall short of reinforcing the learnings.

Generative AI (The Career Architect© in this case) creates the opportunity to step into this gap. In this new world, the participant can continue to ask development and performance questions about emotional intelligence and receive accurate behavioral advice. Further, they can solicit guidance for requesting key assignments that develop elements of emotional intelligence, focused questions to initiate conversations on the topic with mentors/bosses and accelerate the creation of a detailed development plan.

Theme 3: We have created custom competency models, have our own values model, and are using multiple assessments, etc.  Will Generative AI help us operationalize our unique approaches?

On the surface, the answer to this question might be where most of the disruption of this technology lies. Yet, we think it is vital to ensure our clients understand that Generative AI is simply that, a technology. The value of leveraging Generative AI is in the data that it is fed. Otherwise, the adage comes into play, “garbage in…garbage out.”

Therefore, in our approach, the simple answer to this operational question is a resounding “yes!” By using a private research-based database of intellectual property, Generative AI allows organizations to operationalize their custom models in a way that was not possible before. In seconds, and at scale, development and performance coaching can be provided in a fully inclusive manner to all employees. The impact will be realized  in succession planning, learning and development, organizational development, workforce planning, and more.

Consider the fact that 46% of workers say that their manager does not know how to help them with their career development and 59% of employees say their company rarely or never helps them explore opportunities for growth outside their current department. Can we inject a resource that can help solve this problem?

Generative AI can help through our Career Architect. This creative application of technology to our research database, collective wisdom, and essential “knowns” about development and performance are available in the moment of need.  There is no easier way to identify action steps to greater effectiveness.

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