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The Future of Leadership: Emotional Regulation is Technology

Author: Garrick Throckmorton– Chief Product and Services Officer

Today’s business environment has likely pulled your attention from being future oriented, to present focused more often than you would like. There are fires to put out. Problems which must be solved now. Shifting guidelines, new customer expectations, and communication challenges at every turn. As leaders, your ability to tap into our resiliency is being tested in new ways.

It is common in times of high stress, that we stop doing the exact practices that help us to be our best. Stress goes up and we start making choices that negatively impact our wellbeing.

  • We stop exercising.
  • Nutritional choices begin to decay.
  • We stay up late, get up early, and the result is a depleted “sleep bank.”

One byproduct of this shift is our ability to regulate emotions at home and work walks a tightrope. Our awareness of when to speak up, how to speak up, the words we choose, and the manner to handle conflict is instantly impacted in less than appealing ways.

In today’s environment, we have a variety of ways to track and manage our physical activity, our nutritional choices, and our sleep patterns. The result is that the information can be used to help us remain accountable to healthy habits. Our watches vibrate to inform us that it is time to stand up or that we are behind our goal for movement for the day. We can use applications to track our caloric intake, our nutritional choices, and get healthy recipe recommendations within seconds. However, we do not have similar ways to help keep us on track with our emotional regulation.

Leave the present moment and join Bob Eichinger as he explores the future possibility of “emotional regulation being technology” in the Future of Leadership podcast excerpt by 12 Geniuses (3 minute audio clip). Would you find his prediction to be helpful in your leadership experience?

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