The Career Blueprint

Do you want more control of your career?

Whether you are starting your career or are already well on your way to the top, it is common to feel disconnected from receiving consistent feedback. guidance, or development opportunities. As a motivated learner you desire more.

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Welcome to the solution.

The Career Blueprint gives you control by connecting you with time-tested AI: Authentic Intelligence for what matters in your career, when you want it. With guidance tailored to your goals as an Individual Contributor, Manager, or Leader, you are provided instant access to development support and strategies that you have a source of truth at your side guiding your career development.

Development tips based upon your selected behavioral priorities

Receive curated development advice by chatting with Your Career Architect

Brain-savvy insights about the Knowledge, Skills and Attributes that matter most

Access to hundreds of supplemental resources and videos

Evidence based recommendations to help you reach your career goals

Development planning templates and worksheets for use in a variety of scenarios

How does it work?

Step 1

Complete your self-survey on our virtual card sorting platform. This puts you in control of deciding the most important Knowledge, Skills and Attributes you see as most important for your current position/level, or in a future position/level you aspire to achieve as an Individual Contributor, Manager/Supervisor, or Leader!

Step 2

Gain access to your personalized Career Blueprint dashboard to explore your personalized development guidance and engage Your Career Architect via chat to ask questions that are most important to you. Your career development is now in your control with a new trusted partner powered by AI: Authentic Intelligence.

It is time to use AI: Authentic Intelligence to prioritize and provide focus to your development initiatives. Contact our team to learn more!

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