TalentTelligent Associate David Workman


David is the CEO of Workman-at-Work with decades of experience as a senior HR consultant in the field of executive and leadership development. His focus is to help individuals, teams, and organizations build current strengths, and develop needed competencies which maximize the performance of the organization by optimizing the effectiveness of people.

As a specialist in executive and organizational development, David has provided consulting services to a variety of international, private, and public organizations, throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. Prior to founding his own consulting firm, he served as the CHRO for multinational organizations. David uses behavior-based practices because they provide for the ability to go to the behaviors that are observable, practical, and drive performance for Leaders, Managers, Individual Contributors, High Potentials, and Teams.

Educational Background

David holds a Master’s Degree in History from USC.

How to Contact David:
  • Phone – 1 (949) 887-4721
  • Current Locations – San Diego, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Works globally
  • Extensive experience in Entertainment, Airlines, and Hotels and Hospitality Industries