Virtual Talent Management Certification Options

Get Certified and Effectively Implement Our Suite of Tools.

TalentTelligent offers the most comprehensive suite of talent management surveys and models available, ranging from selection and development of entry-level talent to the C-Suite.

Join us remotely, or invite us onsite, to experience our affordable training and certification programs that provide you and your team with confidence, and self-sufficiency to use a range of advanced talent management tools. To explore the options that work best for your prioritities and for your team Schedule a Consultation with a member our team to learn how it works and discover the wealth of professional resources that come with certification.

All certification programs are designed to cater to your needs and do not require any pre-requisites for attendance. Therefore, elect to get certified in the workshops that apply to your most critical needs, knowing you will have support from TalentTelligent before, during, and after your experience.

Explore our certification programs below and all that you’ll receive with your certification. Or register for any of our virtual certification programs, offered monthly.

  • All-Access Certification
  • Hello! Candidate Fit and Selection Certification
  • Succession Planning Certification

All-Access Certification

Program Length:

Sixteen virtually facilitated hours (over various timing formats depending on the dates you select).

You must attend all ZOOM sessions to be certified.

Registration Fee:

$1495 (plus shipping)

  • Description
  • Objectives
  • Tools


Point Of View: Our All-Access TalentTelligent Certification provides you with One Strategy to use across 5 Applications.

This “Fast Pass” certification ensures you use your experience and time well. Within 16 virtually facilitated hours (over various timing formats)  you will experience an accelerated learning path around the foundational processes of TalentTelligent.

You will learn to apply our foundational processes to solve tomorrow’s talent challenges for Individual Contributors, Managers, Leaders, High Potentials and Teams.  As part of your experience, we also provide a post session learning support resource via an LMS to reinforce your learning, available to you 24/7.

Benefits: our strategy and applications enable you to provide…
  • ALL employees with a behavioral profile that defines success at all levels.
  • Your organization with a common language of talent when discussing all of your talent issues.
  • Targeted development with research-based resources, 360 feedback and actionable development plans.
  • New hire decisions made with higher confidence on candidate fit, while mitigating bias.
  • Succession plans that are rock solid, based on a deep bench, with verified Potentials.
  • The tools to create, assess, develop and deploy high performing Teams.


  • Align your talent efforts to ensure your Talent Management methodology is well-grounded and supported by credible research.
  • Use foundational best-practice processes that apply to ALL the TalentTelligent Tools.
  • Obtain access to our Qualified Administrator site that allows you to purchase and apply Individual Contributor, Manager/Supervisor, Leader, Teams, and High Potential materials in both physical and digital formats; Sort Cards, our Virtual Card Sorting Platform, DIY Development Guides, The Hello! Pre-employment FIT Appraisal, Interview Guides, Practitioner Diagnostic Placemats, Tally Sheets, Posters, and more.

Process/Instructional Objectives:

  • Explore TalentTelligent Foundations and our 50+ year legacy.
  • Navigate five unique performance/competency libraries to begin creating a Common Talent Language.
  • Facilitate card sorting applications (both physical and virtual) to customize each library to your organizational context.
  • Recognize the science and literature behind the Suite of Tools and work through the technical manual.
  • Apply advanced diagnostic tools to experiential exercises to maximum your understanding of the psychology behind the libraries.
  • Explore the inclusion of Neuroscience content that supports your interviewing and development initiatives.
  • Create robust development strategies for talent by level – use the Develop-It-Yourself Development Guide effectively for best tactics, impact, planning or executive tune-ups.
  • Navigate through the 360 assessments across all libraries.
  • Reinforce best practices for interviewing and selection by utilizing our Hello! tool across all libraries.
  • Apply what you know in an Action Learning Masterclass assignment exercise.


  • The ability to solve talent challenges across the entire enterprise with one approach.
  • Expertise that elevates your practitioner confidence and differentiates your value.

Successful completion of this workshop provides you with administrative access to our platform including the following TalentTelligent Tools:

Hard Copy Tools

  • 5 Sorting Card Decks
  • 4 Development Guides
  • 3 Interview Guides
  • 14 Practitioner Diagnostic Placemats
  • Tally Sheets & Posters
  • High Potential Field Guide

Virtual Tools

  • Virtual Card Sorting Platform
  • Hello! Fit Appraisal for pre-employment
  • Hello! Interview Guide Builder
  • Develop-It-Yourself Guide Builder
  • 360 assessments
  • High Potential Identification Survey

Hello! Candidate Fit and Selection Certification

Program Structure:

Gain access to all TalentTelligent Interview and Selection tools with this self-paced certification option. Completed in approximately 4 hours, over 4 weeks, your Talent Acquisition efforts will result in making great hires.


Register Now:

$495 (plus materials shipping)

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  • Description
  • Objectives
  • Tools


We’re providing you with a self-paced certification program for gaining access to and deploying two, innovative and powerful talent acquisition tools that you and your organization will use for making great hires that fit.  Designed for everyone that serves in a Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, HR or Hiring Authority role.

Click the “Objectives” and “Tools” tabs to learn more.

Time Commitment: This learning includes approximately 4 hours of self-paced learning content across four key modules (depending on your pace). Throughout your engagement your TalentTelligent facilitator will be following along and assisting your progress, learning and application.

This course will prepare you to:

  1. Create Success Profiles: determine your mission critical Roles and Practices — using research based performance libraries — facilitate virtual card sorting exercises, and analyze the results to make a best-in-class recommendation to the organization.
  2. Use Best Practice Behavioral Interviewing: use best practices to conduct patterned, behavior-based interviews; prepare for the interview, conduct the interview, and use the best probes to get at what matters most, without bias.
  3. Implement the Hello! Fit Appraisal: use your success profile, launch appraisals for candidates, interpret results, select from a variety of curated interview questions, and advise on the best fit using 5 candidate fit indices.
  4. Create Hello! Interview Guides: strengthen your selection and interviewing approach by creating customized interview guides that meet the exact needs of your organization.
  5. Complete your learning: pass our rapid Skill Check and submit your Certification Paperwork to be welcomed into a rapidly growing community of TalentTelligent practitioners.
This course includes print and digital companion tools:
  • (3) Hello Interview Guides (across three key leveled libraries) – print version
  • (9) Diagnostic Placemats across three levels – print version
  • Tally Sheets and Posters – digital PDFs for use on-site
  • Virtual Card Sorting Access and 1 credit- digital
  • Pre-employment FIT Appraisal access and 1 credit – digital
  • Interview Guide Builder access and 1 credit – digital
  • Supplemental handouts and technical manuals – digital

Talent Tools For Interviewing & Selection

Hello Interview Guides Image
Hello! Interview Guides have been custom made for use when hiring Leaders, Managers or Supervisors, and Individual Contributors.

Hello! Interview Guides for Leaders, Managers/Supervisors, and Individual Contributors

At the core of making great hires, is asking great behavioral based questions during the interview. Our Hello! Interview Guides are a comprehensive resource that allows you to assess the candidate’s ability to fulfill the Roles and Practices most important in your context. Each performance library contains hundreds of unique behavioral based questions to provide targeted selection decisions.

Diagnostic Placemats for Leaders, Managers/Supervisors, and Individual Contributors

Diagnostic Placement A/B – Overview of the each performance library and a review of Developmental Difficulty to guide strategic development decisions.

Diagnostic Placement C/D – Overview of how each Role and Practice connects with evidence-based views of mission critical practices for all levels.

Diagnostic Placement E/F – At a glance view of how to best leverage assignments to fuel behavioral based development priorities at all levels.

Tally Sheets and Facilitator Posters – PDF

Tools needed to support successful development conversations in small or large groups.

Virtual Card Sorting

Leveraging our one-of-a-kind virtual card sorting platform allows you to engage decision makers, or coaching clients, in leveraging the performance libraries from anywhere, at any time. The result, the population in depth analytics at your fingertips that allow data driven decisions to be made quickly.

Pre-Employment Fit Appraisal

The gap between your desire to make great hires, and the achievement of this goal, just got smaller. Our Fit Appraisal will provide a unique, research-based, stakeholder-driven approach to your candidate evaluation process. Your candidate experience will be elevated by our 20 minute Fit Appraisal that provides you with a wealth of candidate information across 5 fit indices all while minimizing typical assessment-based hiring risks.

Interview Guide Builder

Meet the Hello! Interview Guide Builder. Our digital platform allows our partners to create highly customized, user-friendly, interview guides that hiring managers can use with confidence.

Succession 2.0 Accelerator Certification

Program Structure:

Use the power of The TalentTelligent Succession Planning Tools from your desktop, through our virtual live facilitation certification! In just 8 hours (spread across two engaging 4-hour sessions within a single week), you’ll acquire essential practitioner skills that will advance your organization’s long-term bench strength. Build a robust talent plan that will reignite your confidence — using these impactful tools and know-how.

Special Note! This session also includes one hour of post-session consulting and 1-1 application and counsel from one of our recognized Thought Leaders (Pearman or Eichinger).

Join Us and make a lasting organizational impact!


$1795 + shipping

Coming Soon!

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  • Description
  • Objectives
  • Tools


Are you eager to elevate your organization’s succession planning initiatives, and not sure what the tangible next steps include? Look no further! We invite you to participate in the highly anticipated Succession 2.0 Workshop, featuring renowned talent management tools from the TalentTelligent thought leaders Roger Pearman and Bob Eichinger.

Building upon the invaluable insights shared during our recent webinars, this intensive certification is designed to empower you with the latest approaches and research-based strategies for updating your talent pipeline. Prepare to take your succession planning efforts to new heights of effectiveness and efficiency.

This special certification includes an extraordinary post-session opportunity and follow-up hour of invaluable consulting with one of our esteemed thought leaders, Eichinger or Pearman. Benefit from access to their expertise, allowing you to further enhance and apply your newly acquired skills. Maximize your learning journey with personalized guidance from these renowned experts, ensuring a transformative experience that propels your professional growth and organizational succession efforts to new heights.

Time Commitment: 8 hours of total classroom time, broken into two, 4-hour segments

This course will prepare you to:

  • Discover the Latest Approaches and Tools: Stay ahead of the curve with the most up-to-date techniques and methodologies in succession planning. Explore innovative strategies that will enable you to identify and develop high-potential employees with precision.
  • Upgrade Your Talent Pipeline: Uncover best practices and actionable steps for cultivating a robust talent pipeline that aligns with your organization’s long-term goals. Learn how to nurture and retain top talent, ensuring a seamless transition of key roles.
  • Learn from Real-World Case Studies: Delve into real-life success stories and applications of successful succession planning strategies. Gain practical knowledge and inspiration enabling you to make informed decisions for your own organization.
  • Schedule a post-session follow-up hour of consulting with one of our thought leaders, Eichinger or Pearman. Benefit from access to their expertise, allowing you to further enhance and apply your newly acquired skills.

Your Registration Investment Includes:

Successful completion of this certification workshop provides you with administrative access to our platform including the following TalentTelligent Tools:

    • 1 KSAs of Potential Sorting Card Deck
    • Our Potential Library – and 6 Practitioner Diagnostic Placemats
    • The High Potential Field Guide
    • The High Potential Codex

    • An important case study comparing and contrasting candidates.
    • The SORTi Tools
    • It Takes a Village – Sponsorship Materials and Process
    • Virtual Card Sorting Platform Access – 1 digital credit
    • 1 Assessment credit (Either 1 RAND High Potential Identification Survey or 1 360 for KSAP)

Taking the time to Get Certified is well worth the investment in yourself and the organization for which you work. It will support you in applying a systemic talent management approach that solidifies your strategic voice and seat at the table.

Get started today by viewing virtual certification options on our Events Calendar or by reaching out to us directly at TalentTelligent!