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What is Virtual Card Sorting in Talent Management?

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To answer this question, we will first take a trip into the past. Card Sorting practices have been used in the field of psychology for over 60 years. Through card sorting individuals have the opportunity to put science in their hands and sort/filter cards based upon a pre-determined question. The individual engages directly in an active process of comparing and contrasting scenarios based upon the content (roles, practices, competencies etc.) on each card. This powerful process that has been used with individuals, with teams, and across organizations for decades can now be deployed virtually by our Qualified Administrators using our Virtual Card Sorting Platform! The result is maximum flexibility in deploying card sorting, and a view of in-depth sorting analytics that you have never had before!

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What areas of the KSA Suite of Tools will be available for use on the Virtual Card Sorting Platform?

Our Qualified Administrators will be able to administer card sorting activities for groups of unlimited sizes using our Individual Contributor, Manager/Supervisor, Leader, High Potential, Teams, and Sales Libraries!

What circumstances might you use a Virtual Card Sorting activity?

The most obvious use case is when you have a remote population that you would like to engage in a card sort in order to solve a variety of talent challenges. However, below is a list of common sorts that are often used by our partners.

Individual Application Group Application
1 Individual Coaching–what is important or perceived as self-rated skilled behaviors? Profile of Specific Positions and Levels in the Enterprise
2 Individual Priorities—what is needed for the future or next position of responsibility? Identifying mission critical behaviors for current or future business plan
3 Real-time sort when Coach and Coachee are in various locations Evaluating the needs of a given group, position, or function in an enterprise
4 Individual self-rating on Potential Markers and Practices for evaluation and developmental planning Leadership Development Curriculum or priorities by profiling needs
5 Team Leader sort for evaluating the team with a Team Coach Real-time group sort for virtual discussion and creation of priorities, common language of leadership, or current profiles by level