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TalentTelligent™ was formed by lifelong talent management thought leaders who are passionate about helping ALL employees reach their full potential. One way we live out this passion is through the creation and distribution of Talent Insight Videos. Our videos range from short learning bytes, hour-long topical webinars, and other talent management presentations. The ultimate goal? Helping you to lead more effectively and transform your talent management strategies with research-based approaches. We hope that you enjoy our content as it helps to foster your growth and development.

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Featured Learning Bytes

What is the KSA Suite of Tools Level Specific Framework?
The unique Roles and Practices for Leaders, Managers/Supervisors, and Individual Contributors.
The Knowledge, Skills, and Attributes of Potential.

Featured VUCA Series Presentations

VUCA Thought Leadership Series Preview
VUCA: Leading Under Pressure and Crisis

VUCA Proofing Your Enterprise

Featured Executive Overview Webinars

High Potential Videos

KSA Suite Executive Overview Webinar
Assessing the Potential of High Potentials
What the Hell is a High Potential?

Pearman Talent Insight Hour

“Soft” Skills are the Hardest
Assessing the Potential of High Potentials
Charisma and Gravitas are Overrated