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As we approach the end of 2019, we will reflect upon our accomplishments and shortcomings, celebrate victories, and consider how we might have reached improved heights. We will also begin looking forward to 2020 and setting new goals. With each new goal, we will be faced with a fundamental truth. To reach new levels of performance, to kick habits that are in our way, to become a better version of ourselves, we must change. However, change is hard!

Why is Change So Hard?

In this 2-minute mini-podcast provided by 12 Geniuses, Bob Eichinger shares his point of view on why change can be so hard, and a common misstep organization leaders make when initiating change. Let’s give everyone a better chance to change in 2020!

Cheat Sheet: In this podcast Bob uses You 1 and You 2 as a teaching metaphor for how the brain functions. For a refresher on this teaching metaphor, listen to this 4-minute podcast from October.