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Authored by: Lisa-Marie Hanson Lisa-Marie Hanson

Whenever that 80’s song, and one hit wonder “She Blinded me with Science” by English musician Thomas Dolby plays – we envision those of us who love SCIENCE!…a lot ; geeking out a little bit musically.  In our field, knowing the science behind a tool matters – and is one of the most critical components of the way we do business at TeamTelligent — ensuring the TM/OD/HR practitioners know how to use our tools with confidence.  Our participants leave our sessions full of information – and  “Blinded by the Science” (in a good way) as they learn the background, rigor, best practice and approaches to managing their talent with science in mind.  When we do this – we all gain credibility, a brand of being a trusted advisor who can make a real strategic change in our people practices.

Blinded By the Science! – The KSA Suite Certification

Candidly, practitioners have worked (really, really) hard over the years to get talent noticed as a strategic imperative. Today, practitioners face a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous world that results in the need for new skills, new tools, and a new way to meet strategic imperatives! Yesterday’s skills and tools simply do not get the job done anymore. Yet, when we do our jobs well – we will continue to be trusted talent advisors with a seat at the table; influencing the most powerful lever an organization has – its people.

Whatever you are facing — having tools and a methodology you know and can use with confidence is critical for success. With our client education and certification sessions — You do not have to have a Ph.D. to work with.science-based tools as we fuel your ability to put behavioral science in your hands. You will leave knowing how to facilitate organizational sessions about Leadership, Management, Individual Contributor performance or even High Potential Identification and to create a common language of Talent Management in your Organization. Once you learn our methodology and tools– you can administer 360 assessments projects in your organization, have rich coaching conversations as part of a leadership development program, improve your interviewing processes, and identify High Potential Talent faster.

Whether you’re just getting started in a new role or organization, supporting a system that’s already in place, or revamping your Talent Management processes, there are many options to learn how the KSA Suite of Tools would address your critical talent needs.

To obtain information on any of the options below, visit our Events Calendar or submit a question through our Contact Us Page!

Your success depends on knowing your craft to exceptional levels. Partnering with TeamTelligent prepares you to be exceptional. And next time you hear that punky song about science – we hope you agree, “SCIENCE!” should be accessible to everyone.

Now – good luck getting that song out of your head.  “SCIENCE!  It’s poetry in motion…”  😊