TalentTelligent Associate Katie Marshall


Katie Marshall is a presentation coach, trainer, and assessment facilitator. As a presentation coach, Katie serves clients in all communication realms, ranging from public speaking to conflict management to webinars.

She coaches from the belief that authenticity is the core of what we do. There is no perfect speaker, nor perfect leader. There is just you, operating at your most self-aware and authentic, doing your best to make the impact that you intended to make.

Katie believes deeply in doing the work that her clients do. While she makes self-development a priority, she also hones her communication and presentation skills through experience. She was a selected speaker for TEDxGreensboro 2013, a keynote speaker at PILOT International’s 2016 Annual Conference in Montreal, Canada, a featured speaker at several women’s leadership events and young professional events in North Carolina, and a regularly requested speaker at University career services center and entrepreneurial networking and training events. She is the TED coach for 10 unique speakers for TEDxUNCGreensboro 2019.

Prior to consulting, Katie worked for Volvo Financial Services Global Headquarters as a communication specialist, trainer, and employee network builder for five years. She served as a manager and consultant at the University Speaking Center in Greensboro, North Carolina where she coached speakers one-on-one and led workshops engaging international, non-native speakers on crafting and delivering high-quality presentations.

When she is not consulting or traveling, Katie trains in Martial Arts. She is a Black Belt level instructor in Nan Sho Budo Kempo JuJutsu.

Educational Background

Katie has an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies, which she received from the University of North Carolina Greensboro while serving as Student Body President. She recently earned a certificate in Talent Development from North Carolina State University.

How to Contact Katie:
  • Phone – 1 (919) 610-8386
  • Current Location – Greensboro, North Carolina
  • Works Globally
  • Extensively experienced in the Transport, Nuclear Power, Internal Communications, and External Communications Industries