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The KSA Starter Kit will allow you to begin your journey of using the new and scientifically derived talent tools. We hope you will make use of the significantly reduced kit cost to engage an individual in a coaching relationship or to simply test drive the materials.

Upon purchasing your starter kit, a member of our team will reach out with a confirmation and the opportunity to schedule your dashboard onboarding. This short on-boarding (30-45 minutes), accelerates your ability to use our bookstore and administer 360 surveys.

Your kit includes one of each of the following items:

360 Survey – We prefer to lean towards a “have it your way” approach at TalentTelligent. This means that you can run our 360 against the entire list of applicable Roles and Practices, against just the Roles and Practices your organization found to be applicable after using our sort cards, and also through finding five different reports you can generate from the KSA 360 platform. Each report can be run without any limit on the number of times that you want to print. Additionally, moving forward, you can order surveys in any quantity without having to worry about expiration dates. After all, you purchased the survey so you should be able to use it when you want!

Sorting Cards – As you know, a best practice is to use the sort cards to help a leader, manager, or individual get used to the language of the KSA Library of Roles and Practices before launching the survey. In many cases, sort cards are used to select the key Practices that an individual really wants feedback on, rather than the entire library.

Virtual Card Sorting Platform Access – Our one-of-a-kind virtual card sorting platform brings a 60-year-old best practice process into the 21st century to solve tomorrow’s talent challenge. Conduct a customized sorting activity that engages key stakeholders throughout your business to inform your strategies for Leaders, Managers, or Individual Contributors. You can sort against best in class questions created by our team, or create your own question that matches the context of your organization. The use of this platform is only limited by your imagination!

DIY (Develop It Yourself) Development Guide – DIY is a “go-to” guide for employees at all levels. Each guide provides the opportunity to unpack the key Roles and Practices that drive effectiveness at each level in the organization. This includes development tips, tune-up plan, descriptions in the form of observable behaviors and enough neuroscience to get to you started on your journey to better performance.

Placemats – Our placemats provide an overview of the library, relative developmental difficulty of developing skills in a given Practice, and career assignmentology information.

Tally Sheets – When engaging with our sort cards exercises, Tally Sheets provide a clean framework for recording the insights that you discover. Tally Sheets allow decision makers to jump from sorting exercises, to analysis, to action planning and come in both Role and Practice formats.

Let us know how it goes by contacting us any time.

The Starter Kit includes:
  • DIY (Develop It Yourself)
  • Sort Cards
  • Virtual Card Sorting Access and Credit
  • Color Placemats A/B, C/D, E/F
  • Rating Score Sheet and Poster, as PDFs
  • ONE 360 Administration Credit
  • ONE Virtual Sort Credit