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Order KSAP Starter Kit

Congratulations on the successful approval of your High Potential (KSAP) Bridge Certification Application!

We are excited to be moments away from officially welcoming you to our extended network!

Next steps:
    1. Purchase at least 1 High Potential (KSAP) Starter Kit – We will begin fulfilling your order and will send you a UPS tracking number so that you can follow the IP as it makes it way to your hands.

    1. Upon purchasing your starter kit, you will gain access to the TalentTelligent Qualified Administrators site. Through this site you will be able to order additional material, administer surveys and also virtual sorts.

    1. Desire to go deeper in your application of the KSAP materials? Register to attend one of our All-Access Certification open-enrollment sessions on our events calendar!

Let us know how it goes by contacting us any time.

    The High Potential (KSAP) Starter Kit includes 1 of each of the following:
    • High Potential Field Guide
    • Sorting Cards
    • Diagnostic placemats (Sides A/B, C/D, and E/F)
    • Survey Credit
    • Virtual Card Sorting Credit
    • Development Codex
    • Provenance pdf
    • Drivers/Markers and Practices Talley Sheets pdf