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Your Brain at Work: 101

Authored by: Garrick Throckmorton Garrick Throckmorton

Your Brain at Work: 101
The human brain contains approximately 100 billion neurons. Our understanding of how these neurons work together to protect the body, drive human flourishing, and more has increased dramatically over the past several decades. More recently, the implications of new neuroscience insights on human performance at work has grown leaps and bounds. Yet, it is sometimes hard to simplify this topic in a way that each of us can fully grasp.

In this this mini-podcast provided by 12 GeniusesBob Eichinger shares a teaching metaphor that he uses to aide in understanding the brain’s functioning at a high level. Grab a cup of coffee and set aside 4 minutes to listen to one of our Managing Partners discuss what he refers to as the You 1, You 2, and You 3 brain.

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