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The Power of Lifelong Learning

Authored by: Garrick Throckmorton Garrick Throckmorton

Meet Bob Eichinger, One of Our Managing Partners of TeamTelligentBob Eichinger Bob Eichinger has had a pretty decent career by all accounts. He has given feedback and coached hundreds of senior-level executives and has authored over 50 books, software products, and other intellectual property on the topic of talent management. He has been a talent management practitioner leader inside Fortune 100 companies, was co-founder and CEO of Lominger International, and received the distinguished Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology Fellows Appointment. Yes, by most standards, that is a pretty “decent” career.

In a series of mini-podcasts (recorded and provided by the 12 Geniuses Podcast), we will introduce you further to Bob, one of our Managing Partners of TeamTelligent. You will be exposed to key learnings from his career, provided with insights into new approaches to talent management, and ultimately be shown how this lifelong learner approaches his life’s work.

First up, take 6 minutes to hear an entertaining story about how Bob began his career in psychology. Then dive into the topic of NeuroLeadership, which Bob shares as his most important area of learning in the last decade. His learnings drove a shift in his coaching approach from one focused on the external/physical of his clients, to one that takes into account the whole person, by understanding the brain’s impact on leadership.

The Power of Lifelong Learning

Those key NeuroLeadership learnings are also why TeamTelligent products are embedded with Brain Tips to help improve the whole person and whole talent system.

Fun Fact: The brain accounts for 2% of the physical space in your body, yet it consumes 20% of your energy.

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