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Advice to Leaders and Managers: Bob Eichinger

Authored by: Garrick Throckmorton Garrick Throckmorton

Bob Eichinger’s Advice to Leaders and Managers
End-of-year performance reviews. Monthly coaching sessions. Talent review meetings. Career conversations. Executive coaching programs. These are just a few of the formal environments in which Leaders and Managers across the world will get feedback on their performance and their potential followed by guidance and advice in December. In this week’s mini-podcast, you can receive a unique piece of advice from a leader with over 50 years of experience and decades of research on the topic of Leadership. Bob Eichinger sits down with the 12 Geniuses podcast this week and provides a short, but rich, piece of advice for all Leaders and Managers in the 21st century.

Hint: This advice is why we embedded Brain Insights throughout every chapter of our development guide, DIY (Develop It Yourself). Our clients have found the added Brain Insights practical and actionable while resisting the tendency for neuroscience to be complex and overwhelming.

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