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Hello! Fit Appraisal

Everyone in the talent acquisition world is focused on achieving the same goal:

Making great hires that fit!

The gap between this goal and its achievement is full of obstacles. We help you navigate these by providing a unique, research-based, stakeholder-driven approach to your candidate evaluation process.

Hello! Fit Appraisal

  • Can be completed in about 20 minutes
  • Minimizes the typical assessment-based hiring risks
  • Provides a wealth of candidate information in 5 fit categories
  • Allows for laser-focused follow-up with top candidates
  • Ensures objective and data-driven hiring decisions
  • Instantly provided recommended behavioral-based interview questions
  • Is highly scalable, high tech and yet easy to use
  • Survey and report displays your organization’s name and logo

Fit Appraisal Candidate Reports Image


Your organizational context matters! Gone are the days of relying on publisher-driven test or assessment interpretation, or outside norms that aren’t relevant. You’ll own it, with confidence that you are being backed by decades of behavioral research.

  1. You and your stakeholders will establish Job/Success Profiles through a time-tested method that is now digital! You’ll “put your fingerprints on” the knowledge, skills and attributes (KSAs) that you believe lead to success in a role, and you will make these specific to Leaders, Managers or Individual Contributors—directly supported by TalentTelligent’s 3 levelled performance libraries.
  2. Candidates will complete their survey—an online, digital card sort–by selecting and sorting the knowledge, skills and attributes that best reflect their preferences, experiences and effectiveness at work. Completion time is about 20 minutes.
  3. Candidate responses are compared against your stakeholder established benchmark job profile.
  4. You and your team receive a Fit Report specific to the candidate and the associated profile that allows you to quickly review 2 core indicators for job fit AND three, unique and innovative capability indicators…all supported by specific interviewing prompts to further verify candidate responses and capabilities.

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Hello! Fit Appraisal Analytics and Dashboard 

Upon the completion of each candidate’s pre-employment virtual sort, your Fit Appraisal Dashboard and Reports are instantly populated! You compare and contrast candidates to ensure you are objectively advancing the best candidates.

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Gain Access to use the Hello! Fit Appraisal

Fit Appraisal GraphicTO gain access to the Fit Appraisal, our friendly and experienced team will lead you through a best-in-class certification experience. Through customized onsite or virtual certification programs, or through our virtual, open enrollment All-Access Certification Program you will leave confident, prepared, and ready to move your talent acquisition strategies forward.

To chat with a member of our team in greater detail about the Fit Appraisal, or other talent management tools, schedule a free consultation or contact us!

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