Feb 07 2023


10:00 am - 2:00 pm



All-Access TalentTelligent Certification – A Complete Talent Solution (2/7, 2/9, 2/14, 2/16)


Our All-Access TalentTelligent® Certification provides you with One Strategy to use across Five Applications.

This “Fast Pass” certification ensures you use your experience and time well. Within 16 virtually facilitated hours (over various timing formats) you will experience an accelerated learning path around the foundational processes of TalentTelligent. You will learn to apply our foundational processes to solve tomorrow’s talent challenges for Individual Contributors, Managers, Leaders, High Potentials and Teams.  As part of your experience, we also provide a post session learning support resource via an LMS to reinforce your learning, available to you 24/7.

  • What: We provide you with a simple, robust, talent solution that puts you in the driver’s seat to take action, with scale, speed, and self-sufficiency.
  • Where: Virtual, Zoom based platform combined with pre-work.
  • How: Register below ($1295 including shipping)


Our strategy and applications enable you to provide…

  • ALL employees with a behavioral profile that defines success at all levels.
  • Your organization with a common language of talent when discussing all of your talent issues.
  • Targeted development with research-based resources, 360 feedback and actionable development plans.
  • New hire decisions made with higher confidence and greater consistency, regarding candidate fit appraisals, consistent interview guides, while mitigating bias.
  • Succession plans that are rock solid, based on a deep bench, with verified Potentials.
  • The tools to create, assess, develop and deploy high performing Teams.


  • Align your talent efforts to ensure your Talent Management methodology is well-grounded and supported by credible research.
  • Use foundational best-practice processes that apply to ALL the TalentTelligent Tools.
  • Obtain access to our Qualified Administrator site that allows you to purchase and apply Individual Contributor, Manager/Supervisor, Leader, Teams, and High Potential materials in both physical and digital formats; Sort Cards, our Virtual Card Sorting Platform, DIY Development Guides, The Hello! Pre-employment FIT Appraisal, Interview Guides, Practitioner Diagnostic Placemats, Tally Sheets, Posters, and more.

Process/Instructional Objectives

  • Explore TalentTelligent Foundations and our 50+ year legacy.
  • Navigate five unique performance/competency libraries to begin creating a Common Talent Language.
  • Facilitate card sorting applications (both physical and virtual) to customize each library to your organizational context.
  • Recognize the science and literature behind the Suite of Tools and work through the technical manual.
  • Apply advanced diagnostic tools to experiential exercises to maximize your understanding of the psychology behind the libraries.
  • Explore the inclusion of Neuroscience content that supports your interviewing and development initiatives.
  • Create robust development strategies for talent by level – use the Develop-It-Yourself Development Guide effectively for best tactics, impact, planning or executive tune-ups.
  • Navigate through the 360 assessments across all five libraries.
  • Apply the succession planning process and high potential identification tools to develop a strong talent bench, and use our SORTI method (what happens after a 9 box) to ensure your valued talent is matched with the best career destinations.
  • Reinforce best practices for interviewing and selection by utilizing our Hello! tools (Behavior-based questions, Pre-employment FIT Appraisal, and Interview Guides) across all libraries.


  • The ability to solve talent challenges across the entire enterprise with one approach.
  • Expertise that elevates your practitioner confidence and differentiates your value.

Registration investment includes:

Successful completion of this workshop provides you with administrative access to our platform including the following TalentTelligent Tools:

    • 5 Sorting Card Decks
    • 4 Development Guides
    • 3 Interview Guides
    • Practitioner Diagnostic Placemats
    • Tally Sheets & Posters
    • High Potential Field Guide
    • Virtual Card Sorting Platform
    • Hello! Fit Appraisal for pre-employment
    • Hello! Interview Guide Builder
    • Develop-It-Yourself Guide Builder
    • 360 assessments
    • High Potential Identification Survey

Special Registrant Guideline

The All-Access TalentTelligent Certification is open to professionals embedded in organizations who are either full-time employees or long contracted professionals working in the organization’s talent management operations. As a general rule, TalentTelligent certification is not available to individual independent consultants or members of a consulting firm or network.

Please note the following two (2) exceptions to the individual independent consultants / members of a consulting firm or network guideline:

  1. The consultant has been bridged (converted their previous certification to those within The KSA Suite) by TalentTelligent™, and is working with our foundational tools prior to requesting access to the All-Access TalentTelligent Certification.
  2. The consultant works with a specific sponsoring organization and has been requested to explore and learn to apply TalentTelligent tools. The sponsorship will be verified by TalentTelligent™. It is recommended that the consultant attend the certification with a member of the sponsoring organization. The certified consultant may only use the TalentTelligent tools and certification within the sponsoring organization unless additional use is permitted in writing by TalentTelligent™.

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  • Date: Feb 07 2023
  • Time: 10:00 am - 2:00 pm



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Hourly Schedule

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Tuesday, February 7, 2023
Thursday, February 9, 2023
Tuesday, February 14, 2023
Thursday, February 16, 2023

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