Why was the Career Blueprint developed?

The Career Blueprint was developed to provide individuals with the freedom to develop well-rounded career and development plans, specific to their individual need, through gaining access to personalized guidance from an evidence-based source of development material. The result? They can create personalized development plans and take new actions to further your career.

What is Your Career Architect?

Your Career Architect is an AI-driven chat feature that provides dynamic interactions with proven, curated development resources and material. Most importantly, the content that drives the interaction is based upon TalentTelligent’s evidence-based Authentic Intelligence, and not on the general content found on the open internet.

What is Authentic Intelligence?

TalentTelligent is an early adopter of artificial intelligence technology (in partnership with OpenAi) as it provides rapid access to the information you can use to develop. However, most artificial intelligence applications pull from sources that provide inaccurate or mis-aligned advice which is not based in proven developmental research. When partnering with TalentTelligent, you gain access to the Authentic Intelligence you can trust. You can be confident that the responses you receive on your Career Blueprint Dashboard are based upon your specific, identified development goals, and decades of peer-reviewed research and experience of our authors. This is Authentic Intelligence.