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Our team has been formed with decades of experience as researchers, industry thought leaders and practitioners from the field of talent management. As a team, we enjoy sharing. The Talent Insights blog is an extension of that desire to share our learnings in leadership development, talent acquisition, succession planning, 360 degree surveys and High Potential Employee identification. Together, we channel learnings, insights, and forward thinking applications into thought pieces in this blog as a way to foster your ongoing learning. While we enjoy sharing, we enjoy engaging with talent practitioners around the world much more! Spend the time to make a comment, ask a question and share our articles with your broader networks!

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Equal Opportunity, High Potential Employees and Golf

Equal Opportunity. Everybody endorses it by now. Certainly, most managers, leaders and executives of sizable enterprises endorse it. We are all striving toward Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I). It’s a winning strategy. It benefits everyone. Here is one disruptive twist in the DE&I conversation:  If you believe in Equal Opportunity, you have to apply differential treatment! That’s right, you HAVE TO treat people differently.

Simple Leadership is not Simple

The “simple” urge is back in vogue in talent management. However, simple…simply doesn’t exist. It also doesn’t work because human behavior is complex. Work gets complex, while we wish there was one path, there isn’t. The solution, however, is made up of a behaviors, skills and competency library that’s complete and accurate (verified and validated). Any employee can go to the library and check out the three books they need to improve their performance and prepare for a promotion.