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360 Survey Tools made for the unique needs of the whole organization, and whole person.

Everyone wants to develop within their role in order to have a thriving career. 360 Surveys provide a robust way to solicit invaluable feedback from multiple raters to ensure focused development. The 360 Survey offered by TalentTelligent is backed by 100 years of experience, and 50 years of research, so that when in your hands you can have the utmost confidence in its application. Further, our five surveys have been tailored to address the unique needs of Leaders, Managers, Individual Contributors, High Potentials and Teams. Each are unique in their work experiences and deserve tools that take that into account.

360 Feedback Image

360 multi-rater surveys provide invaluable developmental feedback.

Providing invaluable insights into the unique behaviors needed at all levels makes this 360 anything but “off the shelf.”  By considering the context in which employees work, the survey is positioned to improve effectiveness where the employee “sits” everyday. Further, the surveys can bolster performance today and navigate long term success.

Feedback sessions may include the following areas of focus depending on your preferred approach:

  • Aggregate analysis of critical roles and practices unique to the organization
  • Instant observable behavior prompts to initiate developmental insights
  • Rating summaries that propel coaching conversations and are easy to understand
  • Narrative comments that provide deeper behavioral insights directly from a rater’s perspective
  • Quick scan analytics on the learners blind spots and hidden strengths
  • Recommended development tips that are actionable using our Develop-It-Yourself Development Guides
  • Rater feedback on behavior the participant should start, stop or keep doing
  • Information to get quickly from analysis to insights to change

By using the 360 Survey offered by TalentTelligent, you gain a trusted partner, the confidence of using a research-based tool, and the self-sufficiency to invest directly into your employees or clients. Gain access to using these tools by joining our KSA 360 Virtual Certification Program or by partnering directly with our experienced team.